Saturday, September 4, 2010

Orange Peelyuns

My middle daughter, Alissa, is in town and I aked her the other night as we were driving if she remembered  Mr. "Spahkull".

She giggled. "Sure I remember him. He visited my preschool."

"Yep ... And you said Mr Spahkull had some orange peelyuns with him. I wanted to call your teacher to find out what the heck a Mr. Spahkull was and why he was carrying orange peelyuns around."

Alissa laughed so hard she spit out her drink. "You eventually figured it out."

"Only after I ran into Mrs. Weissman and she told me that Mr Spahkull was really Mr. Sparkle from the City Sanitation Department ... The guy who wears the trash can costume and can't pronounce most words in the English language ... Like orange peels."

"That be him!"

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