Friday, September 10, 2010


Yesterday was Rosh Hashanah.

That's New Year's Day ... for those non-Jews reading this. Jews of course know this ... The Cohens or Levys or Rosenblatts or others who have Jewish last names ...

WELL .... THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS TO THAT RULE: The CFO at All Children's Hospital has a last name of Stenberg ... he's about as gentile as they come. And there was Candy Stein from Ohio ... also a shiksa.

Anyway ... I spent RH with my Dad ... Sam.

He and his buddy Izzy were sitting in the back of the social room at Menorah Manor with the visiting semi-rabbi leading the service. I say semi because he's not a real rabbi but knows his stuff ... and he's free. The last rabbi was fired for sleeping with one of the staff members. He rode a motorcycle to work and looked just like Lloyd Bridges.

As the new semi rabbi sings ... Sam and his friend Izzy, who of course can't hear a thing, decide to complain loudly.

Izzy, "Sam ... can you hear what this guy is saying?"

Sam, "You said you're praying?"

Me (whispering ... stupidly), "No Dad. Izzy asked if you hear what the rabbi is saying."

Izzy, "You're not staying?"

Rita (on Izzy's right) "I can hear what he's saying."

Izzy, "You can hear him? You're lucky."

Rita, "Hmmmph ... I can't walk ... but I'm lucky."

I turned Sam's page to 36 instead of 29 and point to the words that the rabbi was singing.

Sam, (pushing my hand away) "I know ... I  know."

Izzy, "Your Dad knows where we are."

Let us PRAY. 


By the way ... check out this great book.
Not just for Jews!

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