Saturday, August 14, 2010

Your Eyes Are Getting Heavy ...

Had an interesting conversation with my daughter Nikki the other day.

Funny ... I still think of her as the little girl who dressed up as a doctor and now she's a real doctor in Savannah and is in her first year of residency.

Conversation went kinda like this:

Me ... "Hi honey, how are things."

Nik ..."Busy ... really busy. I'm so tired. Do you know that I worked 128 hours this week?"

Me ... "Wow. That's incredible."

Nik ..."Yeah ... and 97 hours before that ...."

Me ..."Honey, do you like the TV that we bought you?"

Nik ..."Yeah .. thanks. Man I am sooooo tired. Did I tell you I worked 128 hours?"

Me... "Yes you did. Have you talked to your brother and sister?"

Nik ..."Um ... yeah. You know 128 hours is just craaaazy... huh? Can you believe..."

Me ... "No I can't. Did I tell you that your family was eaten by cannibals?"

Nik ... "Really? Man I am just beat ... dog tired ... next week I have to work 124 hours and the week after that ..."

I was exhausted just talking to her.

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