Monday, August 2, 2010

School Plays

If you have kids ... you certainly remember school plays. Maybe you're still experiencing them or maybe that time has passed for you. In my case, the time has unfortunately passed. I have hours of videos that I still drag out from time to time and laugh all the nose pickers, seat adjusters and line forgetters performing on stage.

My daughters and my son all went to the same school and all performed in the same plays in every grade, so I got to know them VERY well by the time Josh, my third kid got there.

One play that I will never forget was the First Grade production where all the boys were Roman soldiers. The moms were instructed in costume design and told how to make the armor, swords and helmets.

Helmet design was fairly simple: take a gallon bleach jug, cut out an area for the face and shape it to the contour of the head ... then spray paint it silver ... when it's done it should look like something like this:

This was NOT how Josh looked ... and unfortunately I don't have a picture of him in his costume.

When Josh entered the auditorium, his head looked HUGE. It was the biggest head in the class. I couldn't understand how his head got that big overnight.

As he passed us, his mother whispered to me ... "Oh my God ... I just realized I used a quart jug instead of a gallon one!"

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