Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vegas: Fashion Capital of the US

I'll be the first to admit it. I am not a fashion plate.

Yeah, yeah ... big surprise to those who know me. I don't know a Jimmy Choo from a tobacco chew. But I DO know this: Jimmy Choo can really make CFMs for women. For those unfamiliar with CFMs ... Ask around. Or ... Come to Vegas. Every young girl (and old girl for that matter) has on shoes that look like the ones on the left. The shoes ... of course ... are just part of the total wardrobe.

But let's start at the beginning ...

When you check in at any of the ten thousand hotels in Vegas ... the women in line look like this.

Somehow ... at night ... either an entirely new group of women have checked in, or, the same women who were in the lobby in the afternoon have gone to see their surgeons and their fashion coordinators for EXTREME makeovers.

Wait a minute ... I think I did see these two in line at registration!

Sometimes ... fashion is dictated by alcohol consumption.

Thank heaven that What Happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas. Some things NO ONE wants to know about ... even if you don't know the person who it happened to ...

Yes ... Vegas is the fashion capital of the US. And the capital for ... well ... just about everything else.

I love this place.


Toni said...

That last picture made me laugh! It also made me glad that nothing like that ever followed me home...mama would've killed me!

joel said...

@Toni ... Mama don't allow no crazy people down here.

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