Sunday, July 31, 2016

I Really Don't Care

Last night Deb and I went to dinner downtown. Deb's twin Dennie was there with husband Tom, along with good friends Ray and Jeri.

We got this enormous table in the back surrounded by cushions. Girls on one side and guys on the other. The table had to be 8 feet wide and 12 feet long. We had to text each other to have a conversation. 

As the night went on, there were common themes. The women talked about how the guys didn't pay attention when they had stories to tell and the guys countered with how confusing their stories were. It was all lighthearted until Debbie  dropped the bomb ... 

"Well my husband takes the prize when I start to tell him a real estate story. He did it just the other day. He stopped me in the middle of my story and said ... Debbie I really don't care." 

Dennie and Jeri glared at me saying ..."How could you say that ... That's terrible..." 

Tom and Ray high fived me and called me their hero. (Until Ray noticed Jeri glaring at him too. He countered with "I would never say that honey.")

I tried to lighten things by saying that I was being a smart ass and was just kidding but the girls were having no part of that. (Tom kept whispering ..."How did you say that again? I gotta remember that.)

Later that night as Debbie was telling her third real estate story Dennie looked at me and said "Do you find this boring ... because we think her stories are very interesting." 

Tom said ... "We really don't care!" ( he didn't really say that. I just said it in my mind. I think he did too but we were all too scared to say anything by that point)

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