Saturday, July 2, 2016

Exeter Last Day

Exeter is truly a beautiful place. It finally stopped raining here and the sun kind of peeked out so I saw some historic and remarkable buildings. 

Back home, an old building might be built in 1950. Here, it might be 1590 or even just 50. 

Unfortunately, the elevators were built around the same time and require manual operation (or 5 flights of stairs if someone forgets to close the gate). 

Last night, the Vice Chancellor hosted a dinner at his house and it was truly spectacular. He has a "Sir" before his name so you would expect nothing less. 

The dining table had its own enclosure in the garden with grape vines framing the room. 

Very impressive. 

This afternoon there is a Garden Party, held on the campus grounds. The dress for that is "lounging suits". I looked it up. Lounging suits look just like regular suits except they are tailored for guys who wear Children's size 14 slim. 

I'm more a 65 Husky. 

But I'm wearing my official Exeter pin!  "I say ... Who's the chubby bloke with the fat suit and great looking pin?"

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