Monday, July 4, 2016

England Epilogue

Of course I couldn't leave England with having one interesting airline story.

My seat mate was a nice lady who was interested in talking to me throughout our 9 hour flight to Tampa!

"Do you know how to work this TV set?"
"Sure" I gave her an extensive lesson on using the remote. 

Ten minutes later ...
"I can't get this to fast forward. I accidentally hit rewind"
" Hit this button. See ... It says fast forward."
"Will you do it?"
"Um ... Okay." 
"Wait that's too far ... Wait I've seen this part ... Wait that's it."

She watched the rest of the movie with her nose literally two inches from the screen. 

A few minutes later ... "Can you let me out? I need to ... Oh you know ... Hee hee."

That happened three more times. 

I had my headphones on the entire flight and occasionally pointed to them thinking the international sign for "cannot hear" would dissuade her. 


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