Sunday, September 20, 2015

Homeless Bound!

Last night, we were driving to an event when a homeless man almost stepped into our lane of traffic.

"Man ... " I said. " It is so dangerous when these guys are so close to the street."

"Did you notice how many more of them there are lately?" Debbie said.

"I know ... over the years .."

"No," Deb interrupted, "I meant the last few months. They are back in Florida."

"Back? Where have they been?"

"I was reading that they head back to Florida when it gets colder up north."

"They travel home? You mean they have time shares in North Carolina? Or they lease out their Manhattan apartments?"

"Very funny. Well I'll have you know that I just read that the city is opening up seasonal homeless shelters."

"Honey ... its not like condos. I'm sure these are places that provide shelter and warmth during the cold season."

"You proved my point. That's just what I was saying: Built for the seasonal travelers.

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