Friday, January 23, 2015

Duncan Donut

A few months ago, I wrote a post about Debbie's "violent interactions" with Dunkin Donuts. Okay ... violent is a little exaggerated. It was more like a "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?" interaction.

I had a moment like that last week.

Every morning I drive up to the window of DD and ask for the same thing: egg white veggie flatbread and coffee coolatta with skim milk. I pretty much know everyone who worked there and enjoyed the ribbing they used to give me about "trying new things" or "you're gonna turn into a veggie flatbread".

I said used to because there is apparently a new owner who hired all new people who are totally confused and woefully short on supplies.

Last week I pulled  in and gave my order. For the next four days I heard:
1. Sorry, we are out of flatbread
2. The coolatta machine doesn't work
3. The coolatta machine hasn't been cleaned (don't you love that???)
4. We can't do skim milk in a coolatta.

So ... I went to the SOURCE. The DD app. And ... I constructed a letter to the corporate folks about my experiences. They sent a nice reply saying that they immediately will contact the franchisee and have him made aware of the situation.

Yesterday, I got this email ... word for word:

"Just a line to say thanks for your feed back. I the owner and promise to follow up. My name is Bob c# _________. "

In the heading (I KID YOU NOT) was written:

(I think I understand the problem now. Duncan is the guy to straighten this out.)

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