Thursday, November 27, 2014


It's that day that we give thanks and I have so much to be thankful for this year:

The Big Balls in the dining room. The objects of Debbie's last interior design foray prior to the viral redo of our bedroom ... surprisingly ... she has kept them for a whole year without changing them out.

Bicycles. On our walk today we were passed on the sidewalk by about 10 cyclists (ON YOUR LEFT ... ON YOUR LEFT ...). I'm thankful there were just 10. I'd be much more thankful if they USED THE BIKE LANES IN THE STREET.

Dr. Van Loveren. He was the neurosurgeon who fixed my brain this year. I think that's his name. Isn't it? Wait a minute ... I seemed to have forgotten MY name. Where am I?

What was I just talking about?

Sammy. I am thankful for Sammy because ... well ... because he's .... um ... I know there was something ... oh yeah ... because he is still with us and continues to give me great material for my blog.

My kids.  I am so thankful to have such great kids Nikki, Alissa and Josh and recent additions: Steven, Ned (oops I mean Nate) and Theresa. They are bright, successful, kind and best of all ... OFF THE PAYROLL!

My wife Debbie. What can I say? She helped me through one of the most difficult years of my life. She cooks, cleans, works, nurses and even decorates. I take out the trash ... occasionally. I am so thankful that she keeps me around.

(I'm really tired of doing everything.)

CNN This is one I added to the list because of their recent coverage of the Ferguson riots. I especially love the way the reporters stayed in the street complaining about the tear gas that the police threw into the crowd. as they coughed and teared up and stood there while rocks were thrown at their heads. One guy even talked through his gas mask (couldn't understand one thing he said). I can only hope for an SNL spoof this weekend.

There are so many things to be thankful for: My great job and the people that I work with and work for, my new closet (that's really Debbie's old closet), my extended family, my friends ...


And of course you, my faithful readers (all 3 of you) who read this blog and still manage to keep your food down.


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