Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's a New Day!

This morning, I decided I was ready for a change.

My head hurt. I was feeling out of sorts. I turned on my phone and after getting through one move of Words With Friends, I wanted to go back to sleep. How could I still be tired after sleeping all night?

Last night we had dinner with one of my heroes, Les Muma who got rid of all his unhealthy habits  in his thirties and is the most focused, committed man I have ever met.

Today's the day I do it. I'm ready for my new life. I started making mental notes:

Step one. Put on a pair of shorts and sneakers. Make the two mile walk downtown. It's a great start for a daily exercise program. I will make this a ritual every morning or evening and in few months it will escalate into daily workouts in the gym.

Before you know it, I will look like the stud on the left ... or his husband.

Step two. Eat a healthy breakfast at one of the cafes along the water. Fruit and nuts kinda food. No potatoes, eggs, bacon ... anything that tastes good. Apparently, from everything I've read, if it becomes part of your lifestyle ... you won't miss it.

Step three. No drinking, smoking or gambling. Too much drinking puts on lbs and makes you lazy and stupid. Smoking is bad on all fronts and gambling ... well I don't know ... I just put this in so Debbie will be happy. Bottom line is stay away from smoky places like bars and casinos.

I made a list of healthy options for afternoon activities like writing my book, going to a movie or taking a drive.

I can do this!

Then again ... there's always tomorrow.

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Catherine said...

I think you can do this!!

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