Sunday, November 10, 2013

We've Got Some Big Balls

Debbie took advantage of my frequent trips to TGH.

She ordered new furniture.

I completely understood when she told me. After all ... our furniture was at least two years old. Now to be fair, she always manages to sell our "old" furniture before I even notice it's gone. And I usually notice it's gone two years after she sells it.

I saw our newly furnished digs on Friday when I was discharged. Debbie had me stand in the garage for a few minutes before she did the final touches. She threw open the doors and said "TA DA!"

I looked around for a few seconds.

"Well. what do you think?"

"That's quite a pair of chandeliers that you got this time for the dining room table."

"Don't you just love them?"

"Those are some big balls."

"I know ... they give off lots of light."

"I think we might need sunscreen at dinner."

"Don't worry, I got dimmer switches for everything."

"Good ... now we can watch the total eclipse of the sun in stereo."

"You know ... I just thought they looked like SO MUCH FUN."

"I bet Cirque du Soleil would want to move in with us."

"Well ... Michael loved them." (Michael is our friend and the owner of Haven Home Furnishing).

"Does he have room for these two balls in his house?"

"I can't believe you don't like these. They are the newest rage for the homes downtown."

"Are these homes bigger than ours ... like 30 times bigger?"

"Our house is just the right size. Look how well they go with the new fixture in the kitchen."

"There's a new fixture in the kitchen? Oh ... I see them ... the three little balls in the biggest room of the house."

Truth is ... I don't know why I even bother to comment. The fixtures and the furniture will only be here for two years. By that time I start to get used to the balls ... they'll be gone.


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