Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pinterest Schminterest

Ever heard of Pinterest?

If you are a single female either waiting for marriage, planning a wedding, hoping to land a guy or just nosey about what other women are looking at ... you are probably familiar with it. From what my wife read to me in the paper today, 68% of users fall into this category.

Why do I care (you might ask)?

Because I'm on it. That's right ... I got on Pinterest yesterday because I heard it was a cool new craze and a place to get information for stuff like blogs (That means that apparently whoever is giving me information about this is either ... a. As old as me and out of touch or  ... b. Just hearing the same crap I am.)

Am I getting off Pinterest?

Well ... other than pictures of Matzah phone cases (which my buddy Alan sent me) or a plate of corn and peas labelled PORN, I think I might be done with Pinterest. Besides ... all my wife's friends are "friending" me gushing about my new membership.

Gotta admit, some of it is pretty cool ... like the freakish baby head candles with wax falling in one of their faces or the 25 Ways To Tell You're Grown Up (like hearing your favorite song on an elevator or  when older relatives feel comfortable telling you sex jokes.)

Oh well ... maybe I'll stay on a little longer. Who knows, maybe I'll get into place settings and flower arrangements.


Bobby Allan said...

Love the scary baby head candles! I keep thinking I should get on there, too, but like Twitter, I just don't see what the point is??

darryl said...

Don't be too quick to judge Pinterest, may be the next big marketing tool with research showing it reaches more key demographics ( women 18-49, medium to high income, etc) then Twitter. Unlike tweets products and services aren't gone in a flash but are repeating thousands times over and remain for reference on boards. Exposure to new buyers with photographic reference is something other social media cant provide. key is learning how to manage Pinterest correctly.

joel said...

Thanks Darryl. I better rethink my crochet lessons.

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