Sunday, March 10, 2013

Have you seen my Emmy?

The Emmy arrived a week ago.

I know, I know ... those who work for me have heard just about enough of this Emmy. I mention it often in meetings:

Me- "Here's the itinerary for the upcoming donor trip ... any questions?"
Staff- "Well, I do have a question about travel ..."
Me- "Just a second .... have you all seen MY EMMY?"

If you missed my original Emmy blog, we won in the Children/youth category (12 and under) for A Chicken Named Mac. www,

Mike Sexton wrote it and Kevin Riley animated it. I ... um ... just watched it. Actually, I wrote the ones that didn't win this year but Mike and Kevin took pity on me and let me share the prize.

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Bobby Allan said...

Coolest. Thing. Ever.


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