Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Market in St. Pete

What a day for the Saturday Market!

It was perfect weather in downtown St. Petersburg for a stroll ... through the crowds of young and not so young ... picking organic vegetables, walking dogs, balancing bikes, shopping for jewelry, nibbling on exotic foods and getting hugs.

Yes, that's right, getting hugs. You see ... today was FREE HUG FEST. I was going to get one but I had a hard time deciding whether I would get hugged by Raymond from The Rays, Mayor Bill Foster or the 80 year old woman who looked a tad too earnest.

The Free Hugs were really to promote the use of local businesses. By the look of the crowd, I think it was a message that was not lost on the masses.

Great music too. The band playing when I got there was Gumbo Boogie... bunch of old guys (probably younger than me) playing a great selection of New Orleans music like: "Ya Ya" by Lee Dorsey ("Sittin In La La Waitin for my Ya Ya ... uh huh").

There were good looking cup cakes from Patti (Kakes)....

...and there was a French restaurant ... well it was "a little" French (note the expert photo editing and the unknown finger in the upper left corner. I'm sure some kid stuck it there.)

...Cool birdhouses made out of license plates ...

... and my favorite ... a massage place that costs a dollar a minute. Bet that's false advertising. I wanted to try it out and ask for a minute massage but it's probably like those penny slots ... the minimum is 100 pennies a pull.

As I have said before ... St. Pete rocks and downtown is truly a special place.

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