Monday, January 21, 2013

More Sammy

Sammy called me last week to tell me his yellow shirt was missing.

He loved that shirt. We bought it from Penney's ...  because it was exactly what he wanted, wash and wear and that special kind of polyester that only Penney's sells. So today, we went shopping to replace the missing shirt.

We had some good news and some bad news when we got to Menorah Manor.

"Sammy," Debbie said, "We bought you two shirts." She opened the bag and held up a deep cranberry color shirt and a striped shirt.

"Hmmm. I got a purple shirt and I don't like stripes. Where's the yellow shirt?"

"Sorry Sammy ... They didn't have yellow in your size . Do you like either of those? This one's not purple."

"Okay, I guess."

I opened the other bag. "Dad ... we also got you a chicken salad sandwich from Jo-El's Deli. It's the kind you love right?"

"I already ate lunch. Wish you would have called."

"I did call you ... three times ... but ..."

"Joel ... how do I answer this phone? Take a look ... it says Voice Mail ... What does that mean?"

"It means you need to listen to messages. And you just open the lid ..."

"I don't know ... it just doesn't work."

He lost interest in that conversation. "Hey, I got a magazine from your school and there are lotsa of pictures of Jane or Janet or ..."

"Judy? The President?"

"Yeah ... her. So ... are you collecting premiums still?"

"What do you mean premiums?"

"You know! Your job ... premiums ... you still doing okay with money?"

"Me? You mean fundraising. Well yes ... we have been ..."

"Hey Debbie." (okay ... enough of that conversation) "You see those pictures on the wall?"

"Yes Sammy. I straightened them up what do you think?"

I chimed in."I think you did a great job."

Sammy said. "I think I need more pictures." He looked at the framed wedding picture of Debbie and the kids and me and said ... "Debbie ... do you have any better pictures of you?"

That Sammy ... he is such a charmer.      

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