Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Love Florida

Road trip!

Deb and I motored to Savannah on Saturday morning to be with Dr. Nikki ... for her wedding shower, Yep ... first born is taking the plunge with a great young man, Steven Cohen (as my dad said: "What do you mean he's not Jewish ... he's a Cohen ... all Cohens are Jewish!") Apparently, Steven and his family missed that memo.

I'll fill you in on the party in a later entry. First I will tell you a little about the trip down. (I'm a little tired ... we just got back tonight).

We packed up the car and drove out at 9AM (that's 10:30 AM in "Debbie time").

It's a 6 hour drive to Savannah so we had plenty of time to have conversations. And we did. Deb made sure that we made up for lost time and took advantage of my hands on the wheel and not on my phone playing Words With Friends and checking emails.

We passed through Ocala. Have you ever been to Ocala? Well I gotta tell you that every square inch of Ocala is covered in Retirement Facilities. The biggest is The Villages. Massive community of retirees that numbers over 80,000.

Requirements are ... you must have a golf cart and it's gotta be tricked out with stuff that personalizes it to you. You know like Gator colors or raccoon tails or fuzzy dice or painted like the Starship Enterprise. And you gotta have golf bags. (Doesn't matter whether you play golf as long as you carry the bags.) And it's not the only community like that. Del Webb, Top of the World ... you name it and it's there.

Then we drove past Starke. That where the Florida State Prison is. Pretty creepy if you ask me. Remember Aileen Wounos? She was imprisoned there. Yeah ... she was a beauty ... killed all her boyfriends and girlfriends.

We also passed Gainesville. In addition to the University of Florida, Gainesville is also famous for topless breakfast restaurants.


Brings to mind Chamber of Commerce slogans:

1."Visit Ocala ... I SAID VISIT OCALA!"

2."Starke ... We are a secure gated community."

last but not least ...

3.  "Gainesville ... Where else can you get a waffle for $250?"

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