Sunday, September 9, 2012


We traveled to Reno this weekend to see the USF Bulls take on the Nevada Wolf Pack. The point spread was one point. For those unfamiliar with Las Vegas oddsmakers ... That means they were "banking" on a missed extra point.

Hah ... What do they know? (We thought)

Well ... we missed the extra point on our first scoring opportunity. We also missed just about every tackle in the first 15 minutes. The score was 21 - 6 before I had my first beer (and the five that followed).

Even more annoying was the announcer screaming: "That's anotherrrrrr firrrrrrstttt dowwwn for the Wolfpack .... (followed by a pre recorded wolf howl)". Worse still was the announcement that preceded our one score "Wolfpack has 21...USF has NOTHING."

Second quarter was better for us. Our guys had mounted a nice attack that garnered a few first downs and a score which prompted our small group of fans to create our own announcement: "That's anotherrrrrrr firrrrssstt dowwwwwnnn for the Bulls ... (followed by our very own creation of bulls' sounds which were more like horses on steroids)." 21-13

Second half opened. We got the ball ... Six plays later Lindsey Lamar had a quick 35 yard run to score ... 21-20 (more steroid horse bull sounds). They fumbled, we fumbled, punt, punt ... Then a score ... (wolf howls) 28-20.

Fourth quarter scared us from the start.

They stopped our drive ... ran a 14 play series ending with a field goal 31- 20 (wolf howls and we broke open a few more six packs).

2 minutes left.

We scored on a beautiful Chris Dunkley 52 yard touchdown pass and run 31-26.

We missed the two point conversion.

46 seconds left ... We had no fingernails left ... BJ Daniels connects with Andre Davis ... 31-32. 

Bulls Win!!!!! (By one point)


Here are some shots from our trip:

Athletic Director Doug Woolard was VERY tense on the trip up.

Debbie and Cherri Woolard share some insights as to how much gambling should be done in Reno.

Practice before the game. Altitude must have caused the ball to ... move.

A little "Bulls kiss" for the camera.

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