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You Missed a Spot

Every two weeks, a special visitor comes to our house.

Debbie calls her the "cleaning service".  Since I haven't seen the movie The Help yet, I still call her "the maid". Either way ... it's the day that we both look forward to.

I never know the actual day she comes ... but I pick up signals from Debbie. Signals like telling me ... "Joel, you need to clean your closet, pick up your dirty clothes, wash the dishes and help me strip the bed."

This comes after Debbie has cleaned the bathroom, done the laundry and basically ... finished the heavy housework.   

Why ... you may ask ... do we clean the house BEFORE the maid comes?

I'm really not sure. One of the things that Debbie has explained to me is that the maid is responsible for specific cleaning duties (although I'm not sure what's left to clean after Debbie finishes). Apparently, the maid has a limited amount of time to complete her assigned duties and my cluttered closet is an impediment to her speed. I have learned that her time is much more valuable than mine.

But ... Debbie is very picky about the quality of the maid's work. So much so that we have gone through about 7 cleaning services in 3 years.

You know ... it's really hard to get good help. 


We have a "maid" that comes in twice a week and I can't wait for the days that she comes.
Anonymous said…
Today I am cleaning the house. I specifically went out to the store to find some special "new" cleaners in order to make this "fun!" omg.. anyway I found this stuff made by 2 Dads and have great labels (yes I am a sucker for packaging and smells). OAK-Y-DOKEY-- yes a polish for wood, and what-EVER!-- all purpose cleaner. I have Pandora Jazz essentials on (Dream a little dream of me...ok dreaming I had a housekeeper that was great) and am sweeping, swiffering and spraying away with my new stuff. I think the Dads that made the cleaners will get richer, my feet and back hurt, I am drinking a Tab (yes, they still make it) and am reading your Blog during my break, LOL!!!!! I discovered the cat pee'd on my new shoes and now am searching for the leather cleaner--- how many more hours must this go on...waaaa. I TOTALLY sympathize with Debbie!! :) Happy Sunday-- Sharon W.

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