Sunday, September 18, 2011

It Was A GOOD Week

What a week ... events every night.

Thursday night, we celebrated a very successful fundraising year at USF in a big way. Unstoppable You was the theme of this year's President's Council dinner and Broadway production numbers were the order of the day.

We wanted something special to give to our donors and we got it.

Quentin Darrington, Broadway star of Ragtime and ... currently ... Memphis, joined us to host and produce a great show. Quentin is an alum of USF and a recipient of a first generation scholarship. He was the first in his family to go to college and he wanted to "come home" to thank our donors personally.

He worked with our music and dance students and put on a hell of a show. I joined him on the keyboard for the last number, "The Impossible Dream".  (Okay ... so I had a bass player and a drummer playing VERY LOUDLY so that my impossible dream didn't damage his.)

Last night we played FAMU and won (70 - 17). We are now ranked 18th in the country.

Yes .... it was a good week.

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Melanie said...

Way better than my week!

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