Thursday, August 27, 2020

For Those Who Can

Excited to announce ... Just finished the manuscript for my third novel!

For Those Who Can is a love story.

It’s about a teacher’s love for his students, love between a man and a woman, love of friends and family and love of the legacies that others have left for us to follow. It’s love in the truest form … wonderful, scary, dangerous and messy. 

I was a teacher for six years, three as a college preparatory teacher and three as a classroom teacher. Some of the experiences that I detailed (admittedly) closely followed my early career.

The title of the book is one that most teachers have unfortunately heard as a derogatory opening line of a quote that sometimes is used as a reference by others who scoff at what teachers do: 

Those who can … do / Those who can’t … teach. 

For years, I had a coffee mug on my desk in response to that remark which simply read: Those who can … TEACH.

This book was written For Those Who Can

I truly loved teaching. The students were incredible, I learned so much from them! Many still contact me on social media and I love hearing from them. 

This was a difficult year (2020). COVID 19 was the great interrupter which we all dealt with. I was also battling the effects of stage four melanoma of the liver and undergoing immunotherapy. There were days that I just didn’t feel like writing but by persisting, I feel that it was truly part of my healing process. 

Special thanks to all those mentioned in the book that are real characters (you know who you are) who had such an impact on my life and to my great friend Dave Scheiber who helped me every step of the way editing, advising, and supporting. He is and always will be one of the best writers I know. 

And to my wife Debbie. I would not let her see any pages until I was through. She allowed me to again be selfish in the time I spent holed up on the beach or in my office at home writing this novel. She is such a tremendous support to me.

Thanks to friends and family who were always there.

I hope you enjoy For Those Who Can when it is published next month. STAY TUNED. 

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