Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas Gift Exchange (theft) With the Gallagher clan

We have a fairly large family. To be more accurate, Debbie has a very large family.

The Momberg clan ... on the other hand ... is shrinking. I am the surviving elder family member, but there's hope! Son Josh and daughters Alissa and Nikki are still keeping our numbers strong with the addition of their spouses Steven, Theresa and Nate and the three grandkids ... soon to be five in just about a month!

Christmas brings us ALL together. The Mombergs on Christmas eve (two thirds of them ... Nik and Steven were in Savannah) and the Gallaghers on Christmas day (All 38 of them!) Lots of drinking, eating, tall tales, inappropriate gifts and good old Christmas cheer. AND a Christmas exchange thing (sometimes called White Elephant/ Secret Santa/ Chinese gift exchange/ Yankee Swap or Christmas Larceny for 6 year olds).

For our party, Keli created the rules and the presents. Needless to say, by the time the rules were read there was a little confusion about ... well everything. There were bags and there were envelopes and there were candy canes and there was money and there was toilet paper (which was only a ploy that Keli created to  ... well I'm not sure why she created it).  But the way it was supposed to work was that all the kids ran around the house, injuring others and destroying the furniture to collect hidden candy canes. The one with the most got to pick the first bag/envelope ... second most went second and so forth. Now apparently it didn't  really matter who went first or second or anything because you can steal the gift you want from another kid after they chose. I think you could do that three or four times then it's officially dead. Then you can kill the person who has it ... if you are the last one to pick.

Anyway, Wes wound up with a giant sized poop emoji and $20.

Maybe that was the adult version that we played with the guys and the gals. I just remembered that we got movie tickets and Deb was upset she didn't get to steal the gift she brought.

Go and figure that one out.


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