Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bet You're Wondering What I've Been Up To

Been busy lately. I'll give you the high level updates:

1. My staff recently gave me a great present: "Bobble Head" Joel. I, of course, loved it because ...

a. I felt like a celebrity.
b. It actually looked like me.
c. Well .... It actually looked like me IF I weighed 100 pounds less and had all my hair. Okay ... so the Bobble head is about 30 years younger than the guy on the right.

2. We had our annual faculty/staff campaign celebration. This year we dressed like our favorite rock musicians.

I chose Little Stevie Van Zandt (The Boss's side man). Who would have guessed that Dean Eric Eisenberg from Arts and Sciences would pick him too?

He really ticked me off  ... he looked better than me, played guitar and sang too. He was very good.

3. Took a golf cart tour of a large piece of property in Pasco County ... the future home of a very cool high school. Of course, being the city boy that I am, I didn't recognize the big dogs that followed us around.

LOL ... I knew these weren't dogs. I just didn't  recognize the horses without their saddles.



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