Saturday, February 4, 2012

He's Better ... or Worse

"They won't even give me some damn water."

Sammy was not happy with the nurses last night. He calls them 'the help'. As in ... "the help at Menorah Manor is much better than these people." He grumbled about his water for an hour. Finally, when the nurse came in, she said he can't drink water. Believe it or not ... the consistency of water chokes him.

He argued with her until she gave him a little sip from a Styrofoam cup. He started violently choking. She put his cup down as he coughed up something that was indescribable into a towel.

"You see," he said, "I told you I could drink it!"

Today, they transferred him to a regular patient room and out of ICU. I'm not sure if it was for the fact that he was stronger or that the nurses couldn't take it any more. He stood up and walked on his new hip for a few minutes and sat in a chair. He told me how incredible he was (not felt ... was).

We also had our weekly discussion about my job as in ... "What  kinds of things do you do at work?" He doesn't really pay attention (what else is new?). He just likes to talk. He always interrupts. It could be because he's deaf ... or it could be that he really doesn't care about the answer.

"You work by yourself?"

"No dad I have others who I work with."

"I saw your office and you're alone."

"Well ... they don't work right next to my desk ..."

"Is there a board?"

"Yes ... we have 50 ..."

"What do they do?"

"They set policy and ..."

"Are they specialized?"

"What do you mean?"

"When you hire them, do they all have special jobs?"

"They don't work for me they are volunteers ..."


"Why are they volunteers?"

"How many?"

"How many Board members?"


"They are all volunteers."

"Your people?"

"My ... people???"

"What's the matter with you Joel? Can't you hear me?"

Yes ... he's feeling MUCH better.


patricia Rossi said...

JOel~ Still Laugh about the story of your Mom at The party with the writer of the ending of the movie... Hugs to Debbie.. Bobby says HI... He creeps on my Facebook.... while refuses to look at his own... Miss you guys..Lets get together soon. Best-Patricia Rossi & Posse'

Bobby Allan said...

I feel your pain. And that was one of the funniest skits ever!

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