Friday, March 18, 2011

My Personal Serenity Prayer

For the record: I know my limitations.

1.  My desk will never be organized in my lifetime.

2.  I have to have that extra half hour sleep when the alarm rings ... well ... maybe 45 minutes.

3.  I can keep a conversation going with my Dad for no longer than 15 minutes in one sitting. (He will have to share the blame on that one).

4.  If I'm still around when my kids are 50 years old, I will probably still call them kids and still freeze them at 5 years old in my dreams.

5.  I will stop gambling, drinking and doing harmful things to my body ... every week.

6.  My shoes will continue to go unshined.

7.  I see the humor where others don't ... which probably  means there is none in what I laugh about.

8.  I will never take myself seriously.

9. There will be daily apologies in my household and daily forgivenesses because I married a saint (I ordinarily would curse her "perfectness" at this point, but Debbie would feel the urge to hit the "beads" to protect our house from serious lightning strikes).

10. As a follow up to number nine ... I will always be a fan of Kinky Friedman and his blasphemous take on religion. (Sorry, Deb ... I won't stand too close to you tonight).

I felt the urge to share these with you today. No special reason ... it's a cleansing thing, I guess.

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