Thursday, January 26, 2023

Barcelona: Tapas Paradise!

Tonight, after zipping along the Spanish countryside in a high speed train, we found ourselves in Barcelona. 

We checked into another Mercer Hotel (just as unique and beautiful as Mercer Sevilla with the exception that this one has hot 

Long day, cold and not conducive to walking the street … we looked for dining at the hotel and found it at Le Bouchon … a beautiful little tapas restaurant.

Our waitress (who unfortunately looked a lot like Adam Sandler’s marine assistant who took care of the walrus in 50 First Dates)  introduced the various tempting dishes and we ordered somewhere between four and thirty four dishes  …

at least that what it seemed like as one after another came from the kitchen  And each was better than the next … croquettes, short ribs, salads, guacamole on rolls, more meat dishes … everything was scorched by the chef right before 

The final dish dipped in whiskey and floated in cream was to die for !

I kid you not … the best ever tapas place I’ve ever been to …  it was like we were in … Spain, you know? 

Early to bed. There’s more to come tomorrow  

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