Thursday, May 27, 2021

Fishy Story

I ate lunch today at Doc Ford’s, a very cool new restaurant at the pier approach. The food is delicious  and atmosphere is pretty delicious too. 

After lunch I wandered over to the old jetty that juts out into the pass between Albert Witted airport and the Pier … where it has sat for years … kind of like an old friend that you pass as you slowly cruise past in your boat. 

I have memories of that jetty especially when the kids were small and we would drift by with fishing poles to hook whatever we’d find … pinfish, flounder, catfish, random trash that shouldn’t be there. 

Once, when my brother in law at the time … Myles took the kids Nikki and Shane … we ran out of bait. Myles announced we’d head back but Shane stood, took his fishing rod and cast it out with just the hook. 

“I will catch fish for us because I have the magic touch!” 

We went along with a Shane and smiled as we patiently waited. In a few minutes, his rod bent and Shane caught the first fish of the day. In shock … we congratulated him. 

“I will catch more!” He announced. 

“Let’s not push our luck Shanie.” I think one of us said. 

But undeterred, Shane caught not one but three fish that day. He was the only one and we still have no idea how he did it. 

I tell that story because there’s a big sign by the jetty today. NO FISHING. It really struck me. Why on earth can’t there be fishing by the jetty anymore?

I thought Shane would probably have the answer  … “Is it still fishing if you don’t use bait?”

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