Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Dad, I Think They Used My Bar Mitzvah Picture"

Been an interesting week.

After Sammy died, the Times did a story about me. It was a pretty big story in the business section about the USF fundraising efforts and my successes since we started the USF Unstoppable Campaign.

There is an irony here. Sammy used to read all the news about USF and asked me every time: "Why aren't you in the story? Where is your picture?" He used to tell all his buddies that I was some big shot at USF and wanted to prove it. I always told him that I was not the guy who gets stories done about himself. I help get press for OTHERS. It figures ... as soon as he's gone, someone decided to do a story about me.

Well, I told him about the story this weekend when I picked up his urn at the funeral home. He seemed okay with that. I read it to him.

I also picked up my Mom. She was right next to him in a matching (but different color) urn. After my Mom died, Sammy wasn't sure what he wanted to do with Mom's remains. So for the last 5 years we decided to let the funeral home hold on to Mom's remains and reunite them at death.

The funeral director asked if we wanted to put them both together in one urn. I immediately said "no". They fought like cats and dogs when they were alive so I didn't want to take a chance that they would get ticked off in death.

Now they have their own spaces and are side by side.

The plan is to take them both back home to New Orleans. I know that's where they would want to be. Question is where to put them. One thought is to scatter my Mom outside of Harrah's Casino (her favorite spot ... I know, it's in the genes) and my Dad at the Bowling Alley on Veteran's Highway (his favorite spot).

Or maybe, we'll just take them on a boat ride downtown on the Mississippi River. They'd like that too ... you know? 


Mark Sibley, M.D. said...

thank you for reminding all of us that we have a heritage and are just passing through...

Mark Sibley, M.D. said...

thank you for reminding all of us that we are just passing through and that our family carries on our heritage........

Joel Momberg said...

That ... We do.

Kay Klondike said...

The bowling alley might not be there any more, went down last weekend for one last look at the old homestead and things? Change. Duh (head slap). Go for the river. It'd actually be a nice day cruise. Sprinkled my parents in Bar Harbor, the Mississippi, the Gulf and then in Alaska (of all places). Good luck, sorry to hear of Sammy's passing but don't let those urns touch - you have no idea what can happen!