Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another Keli Blonde Moment

Luke Bryant played at the Amphitheater last night.

I have no idea who he is ... but I know that sis-in-law Keli's daughter Gabie went to see him.

After Keli dropped Gabie off, she and Mark met us for dinner ... so did friends Dave and Sarina. Just so happened that the 1800AskGary Amphitheater (don't you just love name) is across the street from Hard Rock so we just HAD to go there.

I was not unhappy.

During the night, Keli was getting texts from her daughter. The first had her worried: "Mark ... Gabi just texted me that she didn't get into the meet and greet to see Luke."

Mark looked at her texts, "Well first it's not a 'meey and grat'."

"Well ... maybe I made a few typos."

"And second, she said she is pretty far back in line and hasn't gotten to see him YET."

"Hmmm. guess I didn't get that far in the message."

Good news was that Gabie did get to see Luke Brant and sent pictures all night. At about 11 or so, it was time to pick her up.

"Mark I just texted Gabie to walk over to Comfort Inn right next to the Front Entrance so we can pick her up and not hit the traffic."

"Keli ... it's right next to the entrance, we will still hit the traffic."

"Not so ... First, Gabie will be walking and second, the traffic will be going in the OPPOSITE direction."

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