Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sammy's Shoes

This was a big day for Sammy.

His new shoes arrived! I knew how happy he would be when I brought them over to him. He had very specific instructions when we ordered them for him.

"I want Haban (the mail order company has been around since about 1652 and has never changed the pictures in the catalogue). Tan shoes that are VERY light weight." He pointed to the picture. "That's them! They are perfect."

"What size Sam?" Debbie asked.

"8 and a half D."

"You sure?"


So today they came and I rushed them over to Sam. He was watching TV. (surprised?) "Hey Dad."

"Hey Joel. What's that?"

"Open it!"

He opened the bag and pulled out the shoes, put them on the bed and started to look at all the ads in the envelope. "Look at this! These people really know how to market you know?"

"Dad ... did you see the shoes?"

"What? Oh yeah ... nice."

"Wanna put them on?"

He put his foot up for me to help him. I pulled off his favorite white leather and looked down at his white thick woolen socks. "Dad ... there look a little thick. Should I put on a pair of thinner socks?

"No ... these will work."

I pushed on the new shoes but they wouldn't get over the socks."

"Shoe horn...use a shoe horn." He muttered.

"It won't work."

"Too small. These are too small. What size are they?"

"8 and a half D"

"Send them back .... here ... here is the slip."

"Dad .... let's just try different socks."

"These are the wrong size. Look at the difference between these and the old ones."

"They are the same." I pulled out some different socks. He complained the whole time I struggled to get them on ... finally .... put the new shoes on ... they slipped on easily.

Sam looked down. Perfect! I KNEW it was the socks."


By the way ... thanks to Dr. Stu Silverman and Judy Kane for sending Sammy this great USF cap (and umbrella) with a wonderful note. We love you guys.

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