Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 4: The Game

Today was amazing. 

I'll actually start from the end of the day and work forward. We ate at the NYY Steakhouse. It's right there at the ball field (Yankee Stadium). Dinner was really the last thing we did today as part of our great NY vs TB USF Athletic Auction package that we bid on a couple of months ago.

The Rib Eye in my hands was their specialty and as you can see ... they carved TB Rays in the bone ... just for us. I carved the rest right into my mouth.

What a meal! 

It's part of The Hard Rock but owned by the Yankees ... didn't quite understand ... but since I didn't find any poker tables or slots ... I figured the Indians must have pulled a fast one on old George.

Jeter hit #3000.

The crowd went wild of course ... as well they should. It was a home run (the only other time a player ever hit a home run on his 3000th hit was our very own Wade Boggs when he was playing for Tampa Bay). 

Jeter went on to get 5 hits this afternoon ... another tied record ... and the Yanks beat us 5-4.

Not the score you want if you are a Rays fan ... but a helluva game!

Right before the game began, we showed up for batting practice. 

Debbie and I, daughter Alissa and one of her best friends who lives in NY, Laura (Sibley) Perkins stood in front of the dugout and collected autographs and pictures.

The little guy in the middle is Mark Teixiera, Yankee First Baseman. 

He and Joe Girardi and Ramiro Pena and a few others came by as well. I tried to distract them by throwing baseballs at them and calling them names ... apparently it didn't work out that well for us. By the way, they are truly nice guys.


About Last night ... 

It was raining so we took a town car to dinner.

The town car driver was a chatty Indian gentleman who described the city in perfect English. He grew up in Brooklyn and spent most of his adult life as a driver.

As we turned down the street toward the restaurant, a rather large police officer motioned for our driver to pull off the road.

He actually said, "Pull off to the right, please."

"Officer," our driver said suddenly in broken English. "What ... is ... problem ... please."

"You're not wearing a seatbelt."

"Oh ... no, officer ... I have big ... problem ... with liver. Doctor says I cannot wear seatbelt."

"You have a note from the DMV?"

"No sir ... but I have letter ... yes ... letter at home."

"Bring it to court."

"Seriously officer? Hey ... it just you and me, right?"

The officer was taken aback. We were in the back hoping not to get sprayed by gunfire. "What does that mean sir?"

"Help me out officer ... will you?"

"Im not sure what you are implying ... but once I write these ... they are not retractable."

So ... our driver peals out while the cop is in mid sentence next to the car. 


Only in New York ... New York.

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