Saturday, June 27, 2015

Celebrating the New Arrival

The kids are home.

This afternoon there is a baby shower for Nikki's newest addition ... Grace ... due at the end of August.

Cole will have a little sister.

He is pictured here next to his Mommy. Keep in mind, this kid is only 20 months old and has the body of a five year old. We are starting to call him Benjamin Button.

Poor Nik and Steven are exhausted.

Cole is almost as big as his mommy and weighs 40 pounds. His hair is probably another 5 pounds or so. Like Samson, it must be where he derives his power.

Love that kid.  

Monday, June 15, 2015

Beach Day

Today was a beach day!

I had three meetings cancel and decided to do the other by phone ... while I walked on the sand right by our condo.

It was heaven.

Oh by the way I'm sure you noticed that I have slowed WAAAAAYYYYYY down on my blogging. It's not that I have tired of it .. in fact I have had so many great things to blog about lately. I just have no time.

But I AM writing.

Mike Sexton and I have dusted off and rewritten Body Tune Up (our kids' musical) to recast and produce on a bigger stage.


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