Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 ... The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

We say goodbye to a year that was probably not high on anyone’s top ten list. But one that definitely created introspection. 

The GOOD: We slowed down. We thought long and hard about how we live. We had a new appreciation for our families. We focused less on how we looked and more on what we did. 

The BAD: We lost friends and loved ones. We found hatred and jealousy where we weren’t looking. We lost our way for a period of time. 

The UGLY: We rediscovered politics and watched it play out everyday ... no matter which side we were on  

So welcome 2021! Here’s hoping we can use valuable lessons from 2020 to make each day important in our lives and the lives of others we know and love.

Let’s celebrate the new year with a renewed sense of hope. 

Aw hell ... just grab a beer and hold on!

Have a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Family night with the sibs

Finally went to dinner with our family in a safe secure (I hope) environment at Paul’s Landing last night. It was chilly outside but we had a couple of heaters and alcohol to keep everyone warm and cozy. 

The conversation among the sisters is always interesting and last night didn’t disappoint. You see, to us brothers the sisters speak in tongues. They understand each other but I am not sure anyone else could follow without a translator. 

Keli, who has always provided rich material for my blog, told a story about a recent trip to a nail salon. As the story goes ... she was getting her nails painted when she noticed the signs in the shop. 

“So,” she asked. “I see you have Polish (as in belonging to Poland) nail colors. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that.”

The nail tech looked at her and smiled. “Oh no. Not Polish ... that is nail polish!”

Keli laughed. “I can’t believe I said that. I get confused with words that are spelled the same. Like message and massage. You know?”

“Those are spelled differently. “

“They are? Well ... Whatever.”


Families are the best, aren’t they? Deb and I have a Tuesday lunch get together with our kids and the grands. Can’t wait!

Happy holidays to all of you. Coming up on a New Year ... with renewed hope, peace and love!

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

I Thought I Taught You Better Than That

It’s been forty years since I’ve stepped into a classroom. 

Some of my former students are now parents and  grandparents. I know this because they send me messages on Facebook and other social media sites. 
They are almost as old as me! 

Ever since I finished my latest book , FOR THOSE WHO CAN I’ve thought about the huge impact that teachers have on their students. 

Every so often I see one of my former students and they remind me of things that I may or may not remember. For example ... about twelve years ago when I worked at All Children’s Hospital I noticed a physician who was eyeing me as I toured a group of women through the Units. 

She looked familiar but I just couldn’t place her. As we walked through the halls, she approached me. “Mr. Momberg. You might not remember me. I’m Christina ... you taught me in sixth grade.”

It came back to me. “Of course. Christina. How have you been?”

“Fine. I now have a busy surgical practice. And I have two daughters both in college.”

“Wow. That’s terrific. Good for you. “

She paused and looked at her feet for a minute. “I ummm ...”

“Is everything okay?”

She hesitated. “Well. I just wanted to tell you something that’s been on my mind since I was in sixth grade.”

I was a little nervous ... thinking she wanted to tell something awful about her sixth grade experience. “Sure. What’s up?”

“Do you remember when you thought I was cheating and getting answers to the math test from Catherine that day?”

Not a clue ... I thought ... but I just listened. 

“Well. I told you I didn’t cheat but I did that day. I felt SO guilty all these years for lying to you!” She looked at me. “I’m so sorry.“

I smiled. “I forgive you.”

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