Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Telethon Memories and Blogging Excuses

The Telethon for All Children's Hospital was this past weekend
Had a chance to be with my old buds Steph and Mike and the rest of the gang from the hospital and Channel 8.

I did a couple of interviews about my late friend Bill Ratliff and his early involvement with the telethon. Bittersweet.

The 2012 Telethon was very successful, by the way, raising over $3.7 million ... I'm proud of the staff ... Ann, Steph, Mike and all the Foundation/Creative Services crew. They even aired Mike and Joel's Body ToonUps (see the link at the lower right of the blog) as interstitials throughout the program: I Am Not A Little Ant, Sunburn Serenade and Chicken Named Mac.

By the way .... I apologize for the sparce blogging of late. It's because my creative energy is once agan turning to writing the novel that has been about 20 years in the making.

But ... I'll keep you "posted".

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Nautical Terry said...

N-I-C-E in all aspects! Everyone keep up the great work!

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