Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stan The Man

Stan is ... the man!

He's the Big East Coach of the Year. Voted on by his peers, Stan was the conference favorite for bringing the USF Bulls to an historic 12 - 6 record, tied for fourth place  ... after being picked to finish in 14th place this year.

We are in New York this week for the Big East Tournament and celebrated yesterday with Stan Heath after his press conference (left).

Tonight we beat Villanova and are playing tomorrow night against Notre Dame in Round Two. The atmosphere is electric. For the first time in 20 years there's a likely possibility that USF will go to the NCAA Tournament and compete for the National Championship. (Okay ... got ahead of myself) COMPETE with others for the biggest title in college basketball.

Next stop ... Omaha or Memphis ... or Portland ... or I don't know ... first stop on the circuit.

We have great seats here in Madison Square Garden (can you get luckier than that? Watching basketball in the Garden?) Tonight, we sat with the Smiths and a beautiful girl named Alissa Momberg who happens to live and work in New York.

And tomorrow ....

... Tune in !!! 


Anonymous said...

You had to sit next to Ray and you still consider yourself lucky? You really are a glass half-full kind of guy, Joel. Congrats on the Bulls W! -Colby

joel said...

You'll notice I separated lucky and Ray into two separate sentences. Can you come up here to creat a further buffer? See you soon.

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