Saturday, March 31, 2012

When I Get Older , Losing My Hair ...

Old people are starting to "friend" me on Facebook.

The other day ... one sent me a message: "Link to my high school page". Why would I want to link to his high school page? Maybe my dad would want to link to his high school page but not ... wait a minute ... That's MY high school. And that was the year I graduated ...

Crap ... he is MY AGE.

I didn't recognize him until I got out an old yearbook and saw his picture.  I remember him ... he was in my Spanish class. He was a little skinny guy with long greased-back hair. He's changed some. Now he's fat and bald.

I looked at my yearbook picture.

Yep, there I was at 17. Stupid Kenny Ogden had signed my picture instead of his own. Kenny, if you are out there, what were you thinking?

I don't remember looking like that. To me, the guy with my name under his picture was a stranger. And the things listed: Senior Class Vice President, Junior Class Treasurer, Poetry Award?

On the page opposite mine was a picture of Ann Mc Nair, my first heartbreak. 

I asked Debbie if she minded if I mentioned an old girlfriend. She replied, "The one you already wrote about last year?"

Steel trap ... that's me.

I thumbed through pictures of clubs and organizations ... some of which my friends and I posed in ... whether we were in them or not. Why did we do that?

We were in high school ... that's why.

We showed up and flipped each other off in every one of them. Now that my kids have graduated high school I can admit what a dork I really was.

If they did this ... I would have beaten the hell out of them.

You know, I'm glad I'm not in high school anymore. The goofy stuff you do when you're that age ...

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