Thursday, March 29, 2012

No More Girlie Mahn

I started working out again.

I know what you're thinking. How could I improve on perfection ... right? Why spend all those hours in the gym, deny myself a few french fries and go to sleep at reasonable hours.

Somehow ... my wife and my kids (and 3000 of my closest friends) have gotten the idea that I actually need this!

I know ... I told them the same thing. Really?

Truth be told, I feel much better since I started working out. It's been one whole day and my muscles, although pretty sore,  are bulging out of my sleeves.

Going back to the gym and starting over is really an intimidating event, by the way. I've started over about 348 times over the past 20 years so you'd think I'd be used to it. Not so. The older you get, the worse it is. I'm still embarrassed to set the treadmill at the lowest speed ... CRAWL ... and the least elevation ... BELOW SEA LEVEL.

There are a few bright spots. Lifestyles has new health and safety videos that scroll the monitors. Catchy messages like ... "Don't forget to wash your hands after you work out" ... and ... "No food allowed when using the equipment" ... .Some are a little more out there like ... "Just gaze, don't stare at people working out. It makes them uncomfortable". I know what they mean. I reported three women who stared at me the whole time I was bench pressing that 15 pound barbell. They made me feel like a piece of meat. 

I'm glad I'm doing this. It's been pretty warm lately and I know that swim suit weather is right around the corner.

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Del Goforth said...

sound familiar old friend.. enjoyed the Boss. Much appreciated..

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