Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday With Sammy

Sammy scanned the menu at Bob Evans.

Debbie commented, "You are looking skinnier, Sam."
"I lost a few pounds. I just don't have an appetite ... I'm not as hungry any more."
Just then the waitress came up to take our order. "What can I get for you?"
Sammy, "Um ... I'll take two eggs over easy, bacon, two biscuits and an order of pancakes."

Hmmm ... I wonder what he would have ordered if he was really hungry.

"Sammy, " I said as I noticed the syrup dripping down his front, "that shirt looks good on you."
"Everybody tells me that."
"It's a good color for you," Debbie said,"You still have the other two I bought you?"
"Yeah, I think so. They are still in the bags."
"What colors are they?"
"Yellow and blue."
"Why don't you open them?"
"I don't need them. I have three shirts and that's all I want."
Deb looked at me. "Well ... we can exchange them."
"No. I'll probably use them."

Sammy switches gears: "So you are going on boat next week."
"Yes ... we are going on a Mediterranean Cruise out of Rome."
"I like Rome ... are you going to Israel?"
"No ... not on this trip."
"Why not?"
"The boat doesn't stop there."
"Well ... it should."
"I'll tell them."
Sam continued, "You know ... I was proud of myself in Israel."
Debbie asked, "Why was that Sammy?"
"Because I prayed at the Wailing Wall ... and I was able to do it all by myself. Nobody had to help me."

Okay ... I said it ... "Doesn't everybody pray by themselves?"

"Don't be silly Joel. Of course they do."

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