Sunday, May 8, 2011

Check, please?

This afternoon the family met at a little beach place called The Pub for Mother's Day.

It should have been an easy afternoon ... no stress ... sisters, brothers, spouses, kids all were happily sharing tales ... Joanne (Deb's mom) was having a ball.

Then the check came.

Now, ordinarily, paying the check is not a traumatic event. If a bunch of couples are eating together and the check is dropped off, typically one of the guys says ... "Okay ... let's see ... it's $200 and there are 20 of us ... that's $10 apiece plus a $2 tip ... so depending on how many in your party, multiply by $12 and we're there."

Not so easy when the sisters do it:

Lee: "I put Mom on my check, so everyone owes me something."

Dennie: "No, I put Mom AND Dad on my check ... so we need to figure this out."

Debbie: "Here's my card."

Keli: "I'm lost."

Lee: "I just don't want anyone to think that I'm not paying my part."

Debbie: "Lee, just leave what you think is fair."

Lee: "Oh no ... I am not leaving without paying my share."

Keli: "What are we doing?"

Dennie: "Don't worry ... I have it all figured out."

Lee: "But I had Mom on mine."

Debbie: "Then just pay for Mom and we will make up the rest."

Dennie: "I have the exact amount Debbie. Don't confuse the process."

Keli: "So what do I owe again?"

Editor's note: In fairness to the sisters ... I took a few liberties with the facts of this story. I actually think Keli was lost only twice in the conversation.

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