Sunday, January 29, 2023

Madrid: We Have “Arrived”

We arrived in Madrid late this afternoon and checked in to the most incredible place we’ve ever stayed in. 

The name should have been a dead give away: Mandarin Oriental Ritz. 

Of course not being among the seasoned travelers who only stay at the finest hotels in the world, we suffered temporary culture shock when we walked through the front door. 

And get this … Everyone (including the doorman) knew our names. They took us on a tour of the hotel and were greeted by bartenders, hostesses, a butler (yes we had a butler for our room who gave me his cell number). 

Our room … was incredible. 

As I looked around the room I spotted two fancy water bottles with labels I recognized right away. They were the covers of two of my books. 

And the bed had two pillow sheets monogrammed with D and J. 

I kid you not. Our initials were on the pillows.

And next to the bed was a picture of Deb and I from my website. 
I realize there are many of you that read my blog laughing hysterically at my lack of sophistication … especially those of you that have stayed at a Mandarin Hotel. 

Bottom line. These folks have figured out how to make each guest feel like he or she is special, unique and important. 

On that note, we are headed to the lobby. I need to talk to my new friend, the bartender.. TTFN

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