Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Sevilla: Was that a bidet in your room or were you just happy to see me?

So we knew there was something different about our beautiful hotel in Sevilla. We checked in with four desk clerks … all of which couldn’t have been kinder and more helpful. Three more staff members took up our luggage. I think the owner turned down our bed. 

Yes. We were the only guests in the hotel tonight. 

We didn’t mind. At dinner we had the total attention of the server who doubled as our bartender earlier and probably cooked the dinner. She was a delight. 

We laughed about it as we nibbled on our chocolates in the room and checked our other amenities. 

Tom Selleck (at about 18 years old) was speaking Spanish in a different voice on TV. “Me llamo es Mannix!” 

Wow I thought. It was the only thing I remembered from Mrs. Jensen’s Spanish class. 

The thermostat was in centigrade so it was set at 23 degrees. I had no idea what the other words were so I figured that was it for the night. We will freeze or sweat. 

The bathroom was by far the coolest. There was a remote by the toilet that looked like it maybe adjusted the height and a temperature gauge for the seat? 

I couldn’t resist. I pressed the one that looked like it shot the back up higher and set the temp for hot. 

A snake like silver spigot popped up in the center of the toilet and shot a stream of water right in my face. 

Debbie later explained what a bidet was, patiently put the remote back and dried my jeans and shirt with a hair dryer. 

Sevilla sure is fun so far. Can’t wait to start the tours in the morning. 

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