Monday, April 13, 2015


I'm over it.

I've been a subscriber of Sirius Radio for about 10 years (well, now it's SiriusXM after the merger just doubled everyone's frustration). I keep thinking it's going to get better.

It's actually getting worse.

Advertised as commercial free radio with a clear signal, Sirius is anything BUT Serious.

Let's start with the signal.

Every time that I pass under a bridge, enter a parking garage, drive down a street with trees ... or see a building over two stories, the signal fails.

It's always at a time when there's a news story that goes something like this : "What a game! What a game! The final score of this nail biter was _____________." ... or ... "This just in. Early this morning terrorists invaded ___________  many shots were fired at ______________ killed at least 130 people including _______________."  


The only things that are clear as bells and NEVER interrupted are the commercials. COMMERCIALS? Yes commercials on commercial free radio.

You can sing along with such favorites as "1 877 cars for kids" or "MAMMA MANZONI THE MEATBALL LOVERS MEATBALLS"

Alan Thicke tells you how to get out of debt with Optima Tax Relief.

While John Commuda turns debt into wealth,

Flipping Houses still works (according to another advertiser.)

Bottom line ... you can apparently get very rich if you follow any of the hundreds of ads on Sirius, But you may never hear them  because the signal is blocked.

Why ... you might ask ... am I still a subscriber?

I tried to unsubscribe 14 times ... but they disconnected me every time I drove next to a tall tree.

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