Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nose Continued

Mmmm ... My staff sent me treats the other day ... lollipops filled with chocolate and cream.

Great time to get these because my appetite for regular food was gone. Pain killers and congestion plus blood and ... Oh you get the picture. 

So what have I been doing the last few days you might ask? Sleeping mostly, breathing through my mouth and bleeding on the pillows would be a big day for me. 

Took a walk at 11 PM because I had pain and couldn't sleep during the time that most of the world does. At about 1AM, I started my hourly trips to the bathroom then at 6 this morning I slept like a baby. 

So today I worked a little. I read a few scripts, answered emails, I think I talked on the phone but my short term memory is very short lately.

After that I ... Um ... I forget. 

1 comment:

Anthea said...

At least I hope you are doing all this at home and not TGH!
Hope it all sorts itself out soon. xoxo

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