Sunday, October 6, 2013

This Little Piggie Cried Wah Wah Wah

This is the last time I let anybody else cut my toenails.

The woman who I posted on the left is probably wanted in the US and Vietnam for physical abuse and foot torture. She gave me a pedicure yesterday (they call it that to make you think it's a fancy thing that doesn't hurt). As you can see, she hides her face with a surgical mask which can only mean that she is concerned about being recognized or she was kicked recently by an angry customer. I would have tried it but she had numerous sharp objects in her lap.

I knew I was in trouble when she first told me to put my feet in boiling water. When I complained she just smiled and said she "no speak English".

She then grabbed my foot and started chopping my nails, jabbing the corners and then .... then ... she did the unthinkable. She did my little toe ... the ABUSE.

When she took out that emery board (better known as a creepy file that makes your eyes water) my little toe screamed with pain. To add insult to injury she then took out a funky sponge and rubbed my instep until it tickled so much that I tired to pull away ... but she had the death grip on me.

The amazing thing I noticed was that there were at least ten women there getting tortured with me and they were chatting, relaxed, sticking their feet in some Xray machine and having a ball.

They can't enjoy this can they?

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