Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rays Praise

I love the Rays.

Sure they can be the Cardiac Kids at times ... making mistakes or looking like they forgot to show up ... but so what? When you play 162 games, you might have a few of those. Yeah, I scream at Rodney or Helickson but it's okay for me to do that. They're family. I've had season tickets since day one.

I have no patience for non fans who have no investment in our Rays but who talk trash about them, I bristle at the frustrated athletes who think they can do better. But the worst are the St. Pete natives who love the Yankees or the Red Sox just ... because.  

To me the Rays are the best team in baseball. They have the lowest payroll, the least support among their fan base and yet they consistently make the playoffs. They have been AL Champions and have been to the World Series. Some teams who have been around a lot longer
have never been there.

Remember that if we lose them.

Shame on you St. Petersburg. How many times can a city like St. Pete brag about a nationally recognized professional team that has a fan base across the country? Buy a ticket once in a while. Bring your family. Fill the stands.

Trust me ... you'll be glad you did.

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packrem said...

Exactly! Great post, Joel.


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