Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sammy's Waffles

I called Sammy this morning at about 9:30 ...

"Who's this?"
"It's me ... Joel ... your son."
"Yes, Joel."
"Do you want to go out to lunch today?"
"I just ate lunch."
"Wait a minute ... what time is it?"
"Oh ... I just ate breakfast. You can take me to lunch."
"I can? Thanks ... I'll be there at 12."

He was patiently waiting in the lobby when I drove up. His walker was stuffed with his treasures ... magazines, pieces of random papers, probably a week old bagel.

"Ready?" I asked.
"Where are we going to eat?"
"Wherever you want."
"I read about a place in Largo called Big Jim's. They said that they have the best philly cheese steaks in the world. Ever hear about it?"
"No. Is that where you want to go?'
"I don't really have an appetite."
"Would you rather not go out to eat?"
"I want a waffle."
"Okay ..."

We pulled into Waffle House. He studied the menu.

"Joel ... they have Belgian Waffles here?"
"Um ... don't think so. Here are the waffles."  I pointed to the picture as the waitress stepped up.

Waitress ... "Are we ready to order?"
Sam ...."Do you have Belgian Waffles?"
Waitress ....."No. Just regular waffles."
Sam gave a disgusted sigh ... "Joel ... you said they had Belgian waffles."
Me ... "No I didn't ..."
Sam ... "Plain waffle please."

The waitress took our menus and turned to the cook.

"Dad ... we come here all the time and you always get plain waffles. Why did you ask for Belgian Waffles?"
"Those are the ones that are thick right?"
"I don't like those."
"What??? Why did you ask for them?"

"Never ate one." 


KathrynWat said...

Awful House!!! I used to eat there in the wee hours. They used to make really great hamburgers. Perfect at 4:00 am after working in a club all night. Ah, the eighties. But I never tried the waffles.

Julie grabowski said...

Best pecan waffles ever!!!

joel said...


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