Sunday, December 25, 2011

Family Time

The kids are home.

Funny ... the "kids" are 25, 28 and 33. But I still call them kids.

On Thursday, we had a day out together. Beautiful day ... Alissa and Nikki and I walked downtown. Nikki took about 328 pictures of everything from clouds to light poles. It was like she had never been to Florida before ... you'd never know she grew up here.

Actually ... they were just beautiful.

Here are a few:

We stopped along the way to get a bite to eat ... 

A couple of omelets later ... we were on our way to the movies. In the lobby, there were big cut outs of the Chipmunks.

Alissa asked Nikki the question first ... "Which chipmunk did you relate to the most?"

Nikki ... "What ... Alissa? You didn't really ask me that did you?""

Alissa (giggling) ... "I wanted to be Alvin ... but somehow I always came back to Simon."

Nikki ... "I was always about the size of Theodore"

Okay ... so I had to pose with Alvin ... just ... because.

Last night, Debbie cooked a beautiful meal.

Sammy joined us and we were ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY! (We saw this game at CVS and had to shoot it.) Our happy family play set would look a little different ... ESPECIALLY if we played a game.

My Competitive Happy Family would be the name of our game ... and fortunately ... we played no games last night.

Speaking of Sammy ... gotta share one gem from last night:

Sammy .... "Joel, you ever watch Rhonda Shear on TV?"
Me ... "She's on Home Shopping. Remember I told you she lived here now."
Sammy ... "Grew up in New Orleans ... you know?"
Me ... "I know. We were in high school together ... do you watch her?"
Sammy ... "Every week. She sells these great bras .... The Ahh Bra."

(The kids are dying laughing at this point)

Sammy ... "What's so funny ... they really are great."
Josh ... "Grampy ... You watch her on Home Shopping every week?"
Sammy .... "Naw ... I see her commercial after I watch my TV show."
Alissa ... "Which show is that?"
Sammy ... "Sex and the City"

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A Daft Scots Lass said...

I am loving everyone's Christmassy photos! They make me smile.

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