Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Notre Dame Memories

Here are some of the scrapbook memories I have from Notre Dame:

1. Picture of me on the field during the game. 

The official field pass wrapped tightly around my neck cut off the circulation to my tiny brain ... this is not a "bulls sign" as you might have guessed. It's the universal sign for 2 minutes of oxygen left. 

2. Touchdown Jesus.

Yes this is the famous one ... bet you didn't know it is OUTSIDE the stadium. You did? I thought it was inside. You can actually see Jesus from the top seats and it LOOKS like it's inside. 

Rudy thought it was inside.

By the way ... there's a "Number 1 Moses" a few blocks down (not kidding!)  

3. Halftime from the tunnel.

The longest game in history took a break for a few hours while the lightning and rain took center stage. 

The tiny scoreboard says USF 16 ND 0. 

If you look real close you might see the ghost of Knute Rockne doing a rain dance.

4. Cheerleaders shaking pom-poms

Because ... That's what they do. (by the way ... where does pom-pom come from? Was there ever just a pom?)

5. Skip getting the weather forecast from the refs.

Here's the actual conversation:
Skip ... "So fellas ... whaddaya think?"
Ref 1 ..."I think it's raining outside."
Ref 2 ..."I felt a drop or two."
Skip ... "You fellas never felt rain before?"
Ref 1 ..."Nope ... I put some right here in this bottle so I could see it for myself."
Skip ...  "When do you think we can go out and play again."
Ref 2 ... "Well ... the Notre Dame folks want to test this here water bottle, get an expert to tell us when this liquid stuff might slow down ...
Skip ...  "Seriously fellas???"
Ref 1 ... " Just teasin you Skip. We should be ready just about the time that your boys are tired and the Notre Dame boys are whipped into a frenzy." 

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