Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From Streetcars to Waitresses

When I was 12, streetcars and buses were my major mode of transportation.

Twice a week, I would take the Napolean Avenue bus from my house, transfer to the St. Charles Avenue streetcar and walk about ten blocks to Touro Hospital to Dr. Cohen’s office. I got allergy shots on every visit.

According to my mother, I was allergic to everything from house dust to outside air (different … I always thought ... from inside air). I didn’t really know what was in these shots. I don’t remember really having any conversations or even a physical exam at Dr. Cohen’s office. That’s not to say we didn’t … I just don’t recall any. 

Other than getting stuck with needles, I really liked those trips to the doctor’s office. There was a corner restaurant, Allgood’s, that had great burgers and milkshakes. I remember feeling very grown up as I made my way to the counter and said hello to the waitresses who knew me.  

Debbie told me after she read this, "So ... that explains how you got hooked on drugs, hamburgers ... and waitresses."

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